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Hi there!

I’m Dr. Blythe TwoSisters. I’m a fully licensed perinatal psychologist. 

I founded a practice based on inclusivity with strong ethics. Admittedly, my style is different. I typically have a purple hairdo, a ton of tattoos, and a service dog. I’m an edgy queer feminist therapist. I work mostly in reproduction (PMAD) or with cis women and non-binary folk. We have a funky office space in the East End of Houston, however, 65% of my sessions are online. As a practice everyone but me decided to stay telehealth. Being virtual only means you will need to be in contact with me more regularly via email/text/pms, versus having passing hallway check-ins. Our current staff started during the pandemic – this is possible. I do believe it is a little harder to onboard with everything being virtual, but with grace and compassion, we can do it. It requires more reading and watching training videos, but so far so good.

We take a ton of insurance. We also take almost every Texas Medicaid. This is my commitment to reducing mortality and morbidity rates for the birthing person in Texas. Our outcomes in Harris County are dismal! So let’s talk reality here – taking insurance sucks. It’s complex, complicated, and exhausting. BUT it is how I will provide the most service to the community needing our care. This practice is not likely to make you a million dollars, but if you are like me, you will feel good serving a community that would not seek our care if they didn’t have the opportunity and ability to budget using insurance.

Working here, you will be as busy as you want to be. You set your schedule upon hiring and we tweak it as needed. I really advocate for self-care and balance. I want us to have longevity in this industry (and the practice!).

This is a contract position which does not work for everyone. Income is a % of what we collect per visit from the carrier. That limits our income some, but we are not interested in pricing ourselves out of working with the people we want to help and spend time with regularly. If this does not meet your financial goals – no worries, this just is not the position for you. 

What you need:

  • An unrestricted Texas License to practice mental health (LP, LPC, LCSW, LMFT)
  • Good internet (at my house, everyone knows – don’t use it while I work)
  • A working computer (with a webcam) with enough space to add the necessary software to do the job
  • A good headset – this is a non-negotiable
  • A private workspace (even if it’s a corner in your bedroom and the door is locked – DND)
  • A curated background (if it’s the bathroom, don’t let it look like a bathroom – k?)
  • Good lighting so your patients can really see you.

What I’m offering:

  • A place that values you just for existing. We take care of ourselves first. Yes, this can be a burden on the practice and it’s a burden I’m willing to carry. I’m tired of seeing people being ground down to the nub during clinical rotations and/or agency work. STOP IT! I even host a biannual event called Flip The Script Retreat to push this belief out into the helper community. Our first event was AMAZING and reinforced putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first.
  • Weekly check-ins (we meet Wednesday mornings 9:30 – to 11 to chat as a group).
  • Work (counseling). Once you have taken a PMAD training, you will start to work with birthing folks (pregnant, loss, TFMR, infertility, abortion, etc).
  • Access to me! Look, I don’t know it all, but I know a lot about reproductive mental health and I’m here for the queerdos. I can help you be more well-rounded and show up for people outside of what you were taught in your clinical training (more comprehensive). I’m fluent in woo, LGBTQIA+, poly, kink, and earth-based religions.
  • Funky company culture. I’m the mental health director of Preggers Can Be Choosers. We are interesting people who show up for the underrepresented. Preggers shares an office with Tabula Rasa Psychology. We have access to our very own queer midwife!
  • This is a contract position. Pay will be based on experience and is based on a split from actual payments received from the carrier/INS. The split ranges from 45-55%. If you need full-time, great let’s grow into that. If you have a few part-time gigs, let’s see if we can add this to your plate.
  • Right now we have a system where you do not have to do much until the patient shows up on your schedule. Heather, our practice manager gets people from interested to booked. She and I handle insurance billing and payments. This allows you to focus on becoming the clinician you have dreamed of being, time to write your notes, time to participate in needed training to further your education, and time to live a life worth having (fun!).
  • To read the full job description click here -> Job Description 

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