If you are ready to get started, here’s a handy list of things to get you going.

You will need a computer/tablet or smartphone, internet connection, webcam and microphone (lots of people use a headset or the earbuds that come with their phone to increase privacy). You will want to be a safe, private and quiet location for this. Also, you will need internet or cell service that is conducive to virtual streaming.


Step 1 ~ Complete the online new patient information in order for us to start your chart.

Click me!

Step 2 ~ You will be contacted by the office to let you know when we have openings. (At times, there is a wait list)

Step 3 ~ Once you have an appointment, you will receive access to the patient portal. Please log in and complete the new patient paperwork as soon as possible. 

  • Please note: we cannot move forward with your initial visit until the paperwork is received (if your paperwork is not received at least 24 hours prior to your session, the appointment will be canceled).

Step 4 ~ You will be sent a private link via email and text prior to your appointment. This is your secure link and is assigned to you. 

Step 5 ~ When it is time for your appointment, meet me on your secure web link. To do this, you will need a phone/tablet/computer that has a camera and internet/cell access to the website. Please use headphones to increase privacy and reduce background noise in Dr. B’s ears.

Please understand that I will do my best to make sure your information is secure, but realize the internet is a big place and information is not as secure as having a face to face session in a secure office. I will do everything within my power to protect your privacy.

Please contact me with any questions or complications when setting up for our first visit 214.997.4697. At times, the virtual setting will have technical hiccups, please text me ASAP in order for us to activate plan B. I usually text you within 7 minutes of our start time to check in and see if there are any technical difficulties, if you are not online.