Cogmed Improves Attention

Recognize attention deficit

Are you or someone in your family experiencing any of these issues?

  • Trouble staying focused on the task at hand
  • Making careless mistakes, e.g. in schoolwork
  • Difficulty completing tasks that require multiple steps
  • Struggling to listen to or carry outinstructions
  • Finding it hard to organize and plan ahead

These are typical symptoms of attention deficit, which is closely related to lower-than-average working memory capacity.

Let Cogmed help you

Cogmed is specifically designed to address the underlying cause, through dedicated training of attention and working memory.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that Cogmed has a powerful effect on the ability to focus attention for longer periods of time.

Improved attention is helpful to everyone, but especially important for people who start off with a deficit in this area.

Are you struggling with your mental abilities after Covid?

Struggling with symptoms of long Covid?

This program can help you recover your cognitive abilities.

What kind of results are expected?

The direct effect of the training is increased working memory capacity and improved ability to pay attention and stay focused. These benefits typically appear immediately by the end of the program.

Additionally, many Cogmed users experience how their improved attention leads to positive follow-on effects, such as better performance in school and improved self-confidence.

Cogmed has been used to deliver more than 200,000 trainings, and studied by researchers in more than 120 experiments published in scientific journals.

Based on this experience, it is safe to say that anyone completing the training program with dedicated effort will see a significant effect on their working memory, attention, and cognitive performance.

What does the training look like with Dr.  B?

We will meet to assess your fitness for training via teleheath. If you are a good candidate, we will craft a training experience to help you succeed.

Every Tuesday Dr. B reviews your training data and sends you an update on your results. You can communicate via email, secure message, or online (this will be decided at your initial meeting). Dr. B’s job is to encourage you to get the best results out of the training. Some weeks she may want to meet with you to provide additional coaching if it works for your schedule.

What is the financial commitment?

This training is not covered by insurance. We wish it was because it is fantastic.

The program is $300. We can break that into two payments if that suits your budget better.

Weekly coaching feedback sessions can be billed to insurance – meaning you would pay the copayment/coinsurance fee. If you do not have insurance, each weekly session is $50.00.

If you would like to have an ADHD assessment, we can provide that for an additional fee (prices vary). Some insurances cover this assessment, some do not. Please let us know if you would like us to verify your benefits. We can also do a brief assessment (CNSVS) before and after training to provide insight into what needs improvement, what improvements occurred during training, and where to go after your training is completed. That assessment is $65 each (recommended Pre & Post for objective measures).