Asking yourself, Is this menopause? Is this what it feels like? How long is this gonna last?

  • Menopause Monthly

    Join us ONLINE the second Tuesday of the month to learn more about this transition and connect with your community. I’ve learned the earlier you get informed about this HUGE life transition, the easier it can be.

    Some things we will explore:

    • What is this shit?
    • What can be expected?
    • How this may impact your mental health as well as your physical health.
    • What can you do to make this a gentler transition?
    • How to minimize the buuuuuuuurn.
  • When do we meet?
    • 2nd Tuesday of the month, 6:00 to 7:20 CST
    • The first 30 mins(ish) are dedicated to learning something. The rest of the time is dedicated to chatting and supporting one another.
  • How do I join?

    Fill out the interest form below and our practice manager Heather will contact you to gather your information, send you some forms, and get you registered with our Zoom link.

  • Do I have to commit???

    No!  This is a drop in the monthly group. The link will remain the same, and if you show up, we will be so delighted you did! Financially, your card will be run the next day after attendance is turned in!

    The fee ranges from $55 for new patients & $45 for established patients of Tabula Rasa Psychology and Preggers CAN Be Choosers.

  • Where do we meet?

    We will meet online. You will be given access to the zoom link which will remain the same. Once you are vetted by Heather and we have all our i-s dotted and t-s crossed, you will be free to attend when you can.

  • Who’s leading this group?

    Hi – That’s me! I’m Dr. B (Dr. Blythe, Dr. TwoSisters).

    I’m a licensed psychologist who has been working in the perinatal field since 2011. Naturally, I’m seeing women with uteri experience menopause of varying instances and ages. Some people are medically paused and some naturally pause, both are challenging in their own way. During my own transition, I started researching what changes are “natural” and which are larger than expected. I found that this is another avenue for under-studied care due to it being related to female reproduction. I’ve learned a lot and I’m excited to share this knowledge, grow this understanding, and help some folx along the way!