Young Living Essential Oils

I completed my dissertation on the study of essential oil use for supportive care in counseling for anxiety and mood disorders. I found out some really great information. My family has been using the young living oils since 1994, and I have found them to hugely beneficial for supporting my health.

I use YL because that is what I started using eons ago. I trust them. They work for me.

I’d love to talk more about them with you, as they are my passion. I understand it can be totally overwhelming, so reach out to me.

Know what you need and just need a distributor:  GREAT! Feel free to sign up for an account at Youngliving.com and use my YL distributor number: # 875431 or go directly to this fancy new site:  www.myyl.com/drblythe

Have questions – bring ’em here. I’ll do my best to answer them. [email protected]