Are you a helper or in the helping profession (therapist, birth worker, reiki provider, etc)?

In the words of Mr. Rogers, are you in the field of helping others?

Are you OVER feeling burnt to a crisp?

Ever wanted to visit Marfa, Texas?

Now’s your chance!

Meet me in the desert!

March 23 – March 28, 2022

Need more info before you commit??? I totally get it, $1108 is a strong Hell YES.

We are going to focus on how to get your groove back, and most importantly, KEEP IT!

As therapists, we know things to do to prevent burnout YET HERE. WE. ARE. If you are not a clinician, you probably weren’t even taught basic principles of caring for your people outside the lens of care, ie. birth work, reiki healing, medications, etc. Therapists know because we teach our clients…not because we were taught to prioritize this for ourselves. HAHAHA so funny – NOT.

The heavy lifting for our clients combined with not losing our own shit; our ninja skills were never intended to support US through a freakin’ pandemic.

This event will be a different experience. You will need to trust me in our methods. If you are ready to try differently, then sign up NOW.

This event is for you if you are radically minded, queer, LGBT+ nonbinary, a social justice advocate, and vaccinated. This event is for you if are in recovery (the spaces we host in will be sober – drinking is acceptable outside of our meeting space and the HQ house). This event is for you if you are ground down to the nub and NEED help recovering from these past two years, to which you were probably on your way to burnout already! 

The ticket price includes:

  • Daily breakfasts
  • Daily classes focussing on maintaining vitality
  • Lunch
  • Downtime
  • Shopping time/field trips!
  • Evening activity

Hosted in the magical town of Marfa, Texas in the west Texas desert. 

The classes will be held at the St. George Hotel.

Daily breakfasts will be held at the HQ house 1 block away from the courthouse.

Evening activities are around town (Marfa Lights, Drive-In, Dive In pool party,) and will be facilitated with local know-how.

What’s not included:

  • Your transportation
  • A place to sleep
  • Your evening meals.
  • Outside of that, it’s included. And yes, we can accommodate most food diversity.

This event is designed to lengthen your professional career and increase the quality of YOUR life. Imagine yourself walking into this retreat and 5 days later walking out with the ability to keep going. Imagine being able to breathe again. Imagine being able to stand upright again. The swag bag alone will create tears of heals and feels.

The price is $1108.

  • To be clear, there are no CEUs, cuz you won’t need them if you quit the biz or are dead.
  • It includes classes, breakfasts and lunches, and evening events.
  • We suggest staying at the St. George hotel, Hotel Paisano, or at a lovely Air BNB.
  • Marfa is a hospitality town, so you are sure to find something that works for your needs and budget.
  • Dinners are not included to provide you with an opportunity to check out our small-town foodie options and explore.
  • The schedule is light by design. We encourage NOPING out of things to increase self-care, rest, and repair.

We will have two dogs in attendance. Dr. Blythe’s service dog Coraline and Rowan’s dog Electra. Lots of pets and licks are available. Or not. Either way, they are well-behaved.

Classes will focus on Burnout recovery and prevention, Nourishing what you want to Flourish and how to strengthen your container to support your needs every. single. day. We will be creative and likely make some stuff. We will have a group Brainspotting session and have lots of downtime. Downtime equals time to rest, decrease cortisol levels, or get your desert freak on.

Still have questions??? No problem. Send me a note!

3 + 4 = ?