Dr. Latasha Allen, Postdoctoral Fellow (she/her)

Dr. Latasha graduated from the Fellowship program on 10/15/2023!!! We are so proud of her! You can read more about her and her work below from her Bio while working in the practice.

My clients describe me as genuine, passionate, caring, considerate, and understanding.

Something to know about my approach: My approach is trauma focussed and person-centered. In order for you to improve and start feeling better, I believe you must have the resources for self-understanding, self-healing, and the ability to redirect undesired behaviors.

I specialize in working with clients: Trauma (abuse/neglect), substance abuse, grief, anger management, parenting for at-risk children, teen pregnancy, and childhood victimization. I mean, there is so much more … but if you are liking what you are reading, why don’t we just meet and see how we gel.

About my practice and myself: I strive to help you challenge your inner thought patterns, challenge your behaviors, and please for the love of oxygen prioritize your mental health!

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Hey there!!!

If you are reading my bio that means I have your attention! I want you to know that you are fantastic, and I commend your efforts in taking the first step! Just a little info about me, I’m a woman who loves chocolate every day, and sometimes I might have a candy bar for breakfast. I’m a highly motivated, and energetic person. My motto is “Focus on what’s in front of you, and not behind you!” I further believe, “if you want to know the end, you must understand the beginning!”

I’m not your typical therapist, I believe in meeting people where they are. If you are looking for a typical therapist, I’m not her. With more than 25 years of experience working with behavior management, and complex trauma (assessing abuse and neglect) of children/adults, I have opted to dedicate my life to helping and caring for the lives of others. I am a solution-focused, passionate practitioner in the field of clinical psychology. I understand that the struggle is real! That’s why you want me on your team to be your biggest supporter. I believe in balance and living a little to appreciate the finest things in life.

Growing up I wanted to be a pilot, but when I got on my first roller coaster, I realized I was afraid of heights, and I settled on being a mind reader (Clinical Psychologist). Yes, I’m nosey and love being in your business! If it takes you a little time to warm up to me…No worries, I have nothing but time! My modalities of treatment are cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based treatments such as Brainspotting, Person-Centered and Trauma Focused therapy with children, adolescents, adults, and families focusing on a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems. I also have an interest in crisis intervention and psychological testing. I like to pick and dissect brains! Not in the literal sense, but in a way to help you process through the minutiae (the details of your trauma). No worries, if you get stuck, I will throw you a rope to rescue yourself and talk you off the ledge. I will push you through the race and help you come out with a win!

We all have struggles, therefore, no judgment on this end! I will give you the tools needed to navigate through the process. But I will also hold your feet to the fire and help you extinguish it once it starts burning! We will ride the wave together! My specialty is working with complex trauma/abuse (physical/neglect/sexual), substance abuse, mental health (e.g., mood disorder, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis), stress, anger management, teenage parenting, parent-child conflict, parenting children at risk education, childhood victimization, bullying, delinquency, behavior management, domestic violence, identity issues, perinatal trauma, loss, and grief. Together, we will turn over all stones! My goal is to help you through challenging times and give you the tools needed to prosper. I understand that no single approach is the right fit for every individual.

I’m sure you’re saying okay already… I get it! But wait, I have more! I’m a strong advocate and so passionate about working with youth that I founded Growth Power by Design (https://growthpowerbydesign.com). A behavioral model geared toward teaching social and behavioral modification skills to help prepare youth and prevent, undesired, behavioral problems from surfacing. This program is designed to help youth learn conflict resolution and social skill tools, vital for effective communicationI also created the My Baby and Me Parenting Program for teen/first-time parents.

With many years of working with struggling parents of infants and toddlers, a pregnancy and parenting program geared towards teen/young parents was minimal to non-existent. Thus, the reason why My Baby and Me was created. My Baby and Me is a nurturing, child development, educational program that provides a psycho-educational approach to aid and enhance a parent’s ability to be an effective parent. Our comprehensive program is a crucial foundation for parenting and focuses on the parental relationship with the child. We offer guidance and informational support before and after birth.

My professional experiences and background reflect my diverse skills and abilities. My exposure to these facets has possessed me with qualities such as empathy, active listening skills, boundaries, and self-awareness which are critical components to treatment because they are the foundation for established trust and rapport. Having the capability to relate to another person’s position, is necessary to comprehend and help others resolve problems. Possessing the skills to listen cautiously, ask relevant questions and maintain communicated information is important when helping individuals in crisis.

I’m so focused on helping children that my doctoral dissertation examined Juvenile Offender Risk Factors Associated with Participation in Diversions Programs and Recidivism. In my research, I was able to develop a design and analysis of my methodology. Other professional and research interests have been Traumatic Brain Injuries, Youth in Foster Care, Advocacy for The Disabled, Treatment Outcome for Military Veterans, Mental Health, Foster Care System, Child Welfare, Childhood Sexual Victimization, Transitional Housing Programs for The Disabled, Social Justice Advocacy, Recidivism, Juvenile Justice, Conduct Disorder Among Juvenile Offenders, Special Education, School-Based Intervention, Educational Disparities Among Minorities, Behavior Development for People with Developmental Disabilities, Crisis Management for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Community Based Intervention of Mental Health Services/Outcomes, Treatment as an Alternative to Incarceration for Offender with Mental Health, Teen Pregnancy, Teenage Pregnancy, and the Minority Communities, Substance Abuse Amongst Youth and Crisis Intervention.

My mission is to transform attitudes and negative beliefs that impact individual behaviors. I strive to deliver high-impact results that will develop individuals mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you are ready for the challenge, hop on board, and let’s take this journey together!

  • Tele-mental Health only at this time.

  • Office Hours

    • Monday – Parenting class
    • Tuesday 5pm – 8pm
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    • Saturday 9am – 3pm
  • Cash Pay Fee Schedule with Dr. Latasha

    • First appointment: $125
    • Follow-up appointments: $95
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    Insurance visits are billed under Dr. Blythe

    • Aetna
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    • Texas Children’s Health Plan

I am currently under the supervision of Dr. Blythe TwoSisters, PsyD.

Dr. Blythe TwoSisters is a Licensed Psychologist with the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TX License #36566; Expires 9/2021). For information on how to verify a license, please go to www.tsbep.texas.gov. 

For information on how to file a complaint, please go to the following page: https://www.tsbep.texas.gov/how-to-file-a-complaint-enforcement.

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